Review and summary - 2018 - Welcome 2019!

2018 has given me many good memories. I have experienced positive things, seen and visited new places, met new people, spent time with my loved ones. The year has also included some sadness’s. Things that have been and still are heavy for me to carry. This I could write a lot about, but here and now I choose to focus on what has been good and I look forward to starting a new year!

I am happy with my ongoing exhibition at Strandvägen7A in Stockholm. At the beginning of the year 2019, a couple of brand-new works will be shown there. My paintings fit nicely into the beautiful building's architecture.

For example, I will show a whole new art work in the series True Blue (oil painting) which is now in the drying process. Those of you who are interested in seeing my digital series Flowers of 68 in reality, will now have the chance to experience it on Strandvägen 7A. You can also find the series here in my gallery. A new work, a large oil painting, in the series “Elden” (“The Fire”) will also be shown in 2019, in my exhibition at Strandvägen 7A in Stockholm. 

Elden - The Fire Series

"The Fire" Series

"True Blue" Series - Close Up

Be sure not to miss my Space Flower oil painting. Can be seen at my ongoing exhibition on Strandvägen 7A in Stockholm and in my gallery: SPACE FLOWER

Space Flower

 Find more oil paintings HERE!

You who know me know that I love cherry blossom trees and that I never miss the beautiful flowering in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm and elsewhere. I visit the site on several occasions and always bring my camera. A new section on the website will be introduced where you will find works on this theme. New artworks will also be introduced in 2019!

Find my cherry blossom section - HERE! and HERE!

Flowers of 68 Collection

In 2018 me and my loved ones visited Portugal a couple of times. The country is exciting and offers a rich culture, beautiful architecture and stunning beaches like Costa da Caparica and Praia del Rey. I really enjoy walking up the steep street Calcada da Glória in Lisbon and enjoying and being inspired by the talented street art artists who showing their works along the street.

Street Art, Calda da Gloria, Lisbon

Caparica Beach


Praia del Rey Beach


Celebrating my day in Lisbon

Throughout 2018 I have offered my customers free shipping on all purchases in the gallery no matter where in the world you live. This offer remains in 2019.

Speaking of offer! I kick-start the year by giving my old customers and welcoming new ones with a 20% discount on all orders throughout January! Use VIP code NewYearVIP at every order! Do not miss it!

During the year, I have in various ways tried to help and support people in need. Among other things, I donated two art works to the Swedish organization Diabetes Wellness. I have also donated resources to various volunteer organizations that work to improve the life for children in need. Helping vulnerable children has always been a priority area for me! Unfortunately, we see that the number of homeless individuals and families are increasing in Stockholm and I urge anyone who can, to try to contribute, support and improve their situation. I ask for a greater commitment and cooperation between different authorities, the private sector, voluntary organizations and not least from each and every one of us. Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something!

I donated two artworks to the Diabetes Wellness organization. The artworks took part in their charity auction. 

In 2018 we have in various ways worked on improving the baby food app Baby à la Carte. Especially when it comes to user-friendliness and design. This has resulted in a number of updates during the year. The work will continue in 2019. I can already inform you that more recipes and tips about vegan cooking will enter the app this year! I have also started a collaboration with a competent person in this field, more on this later ...




I have always been interested in fashion and during the year I have dusted off and brought my old and sleepy ability to life when it comes to drawing fashion sketches. I am not a world champion, but I think it is very fun. During the year, a new section will be established in the gallery - "Fashion".

Fashion Drawing - Ewa Borin

With this, I finish my 2018 review, raise my glass and wish you all a happy new 2019 filled with love, joy and inspiration!

But by all means, stay here for a while and explore my art gallery