2020 - Volvo Studio Stockholm - Colours and Spaces

Entrepreneur and artist Ewa Borin exhibited selected art in her exhibition Colours and Spaces, at Volvo Studio Stockholm,  5 - 21 November 2020. 
Welcome to Volvo Studio Stockholm one of Stockholm’s most inspiring meeting spaces. In a unique environment designed by the architecture firm Tham & Videgård you will encounter all the best that Sweden has to offer; wood, rocks and northern lights.

"We walk through life in our own colour, changeable, marvellous, and always unique"

I want to convey energy through colours and spaces and arouse curiosity in the viewer. I want to stimulate thoughts and fantasies. Colours that convey heat and cold, how are you affected by it? I want to invite you on a journey, where details, symbols and colours speak.

See the film about the exhibition and listen to the exhibition script here (further down the page you will find some images- and text material from the exhibition): 


Ewa Borin Volvo Studio Stockholm


Visit Stockholm informed about the exhibition on their website.

Visit Stockholm


The circular spaces in silver, all made in the same technique, but in different years, run like a common thread in the works on the first wall. The work “Argentum Luna” illustrates the mystery of the moon. A changing, floating celestial body, fascinating to us at all times. The moon is included as one of the planets in the zodiac, where it is one of the three most important and symbolizes emotional life, empathy and intuition.

50 years have passed since man set foot on the moon. “– It´s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.

In the work "Brother and Sister", two spaces hovering anchored and interconnected through each other through their respective moon-pairs of eyes looking at their surroundings. The spaces are similar in many ways, but there are differences both inside and outside. The work symbolizes a sibling's inner and outer similarities and differences.

Detail, Brother and Sister. 

” My oil paintings are my pièces de résistance. They are big emotional storms, filled with confidence, lots of colour and energy. I favour a layer-on-layer technique using palette knives, brushes, fabric, my hands or whatever tool works best for the idea and the emotion I am trying to portray. “

A new path


Volvo Studio Stockholm - Ewa Borin

The subdued colour tones in the work "Another Reality" give calm and harmony while the depth and 3D-effect in the work arouses curiosity and attention. There are small "surprises" hidden in the painting, but what is seen is subjective and is always in the eye of the beholder.

Another Reality



In the oil painting “True Blue”, I work with the power, purity and variability of water. I have always been fascinated by the sea, always drawn strength from the sea. Walking along a beach or sailing over a sea gives strength and harmony. The thoughts and the mind become clearer; solutions emerge.

True Blue oil painting Volvo Cars

 ”The Fire" symbolizes one of the four basic elements - earth, air, fire and water. With this painting, I want to convey and spread light, energy and strength to the viewer.

Volvo Cars The Fire

Volvo Cars Ewa Borin

 In the work "Cuius veritas?” (Who owns the truth?) you see a number of symbols, known and unknown. Here, I show only a few details of the work. Detached fragments from the work composed into a whole. Please contact me if you wish to see the work in its entirety.

Triquetra (Triquetra) is mainly known as a Christian symbol where it, like for example the triangle and the three-leaf clover, is a symbol of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).


The symbol, "The All-Seeing Eye", shows an eye surrounded by sunbeams, often enclosed in a triangle. This symbol is often interpreted as a symbol of God's eye watching over humanity.

The all-seeing eye also appears in the symbolism of the Freemasons. The all-seeing eye is meant to be a reminder that a Mason's actions are always seen by the Great Architect of the Universe.

The event together with IWIB (International Women in Business) , The Foreign Lawyers Network, Volvo Studio Stockholm and myself, was a highlight, although for obvious reasons (Covid-19) we were not that many. 

During the evening I gave a presentation about my art and entrepreneurship and Volvo Studio learned us more about Volvo Cars’ mission of creating freedom to move, in a safe, personal and sustainable way.

Volvo Cars Ewa Borin


Art & Cars evening

 Art & Cars evening


The International Women In Business- IWIB, gathers successful international business women living in Sweden who are willing to share knowledge and add value to society at the same time it fosters sisterhood and kindness among women. IWIB also advocates for Female Empowerment and appreciate the value of professional networking, bringing together professionals, established executives, and entrepreneurs from all ages and nationalities with an international background at all levels. 

IWIB's main sponsors are:  

⚜️Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

⚜️Kapitel 8, Tändstiktspalatset

⚜️Eversheds-Shutherland Advokatbyrån


Thanks to Anneli Sandqvist and K-märkt for fantastic food, drink and excellent service during the evening. K-märkt is a restaurant with a unique concept - to prevent food waste at all levels. Read more: K-Märkt.


The exhibition lasted during the worst possible time, new covid-19 restrictions were introduced across Europe at an escalating pace during the autumn. A large loss of visitors to the exhibition. Those who still visited the exhibition could feel safe due to the spacious exhibition spaces on the second floor where the exhibition took place, as well as a very limited number of visitors. I still choose to remember the bright memories from this exhibition and feel grateful for what we achieved.

I would like to express my warm thanks to Volvo Studio Stockholm and I look forward to new collaborations with you as the world recovers from Covid-19.


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