About Me

I´m a Swedish artist and entrepreneur who focus on art without excluding other exciting projects. I have a background as a project manager, sales manager and CEO. 
Art has been part of my life for a long time, but recently it has become an increasingly important aspect of my working life as well. As a child I drew pictures and painted with watercolours. The artistic vein has always been in my family.
There are many dimensions to my artistry – everything from oil painting, graffiti and photography to digital art. My oil paintings are my pièces de résistance.
My oil paintings are large and have lots of colour and emotion. I favour a layer-on-layer technique using palette knives, brushes, fabric, my hands or whatever tool works best for the idea and the emotion I am trying to portray. Experimenting and mixing techniques are important aspects of my creative process to achieve a 3D effect and a depth in my paintings. I get inspiration from love, nature, the city, encounters, music, fashion and my frame of mind.
For the most part, I have a clear perception about what I want to create. Often I get an idea about a painting or technique that I want to produce, but sometimes I begin with an empty canvas and I just see what happens. In such cases, colour and shape change several times. I get inspiration all the time – mostly it happens more-or-less subconsciously.
I paint to take a stance! I want to convey positive energy and radiate confidence through my art.
I think it is important for art to convey an emotion and to touch people. One painting on a wall should be enough!

A couple of years ago I launched 10-Minute Baby à la Carte, an app with easy-to-prepare and nutritious recipes for infants and families. The app has now gone global.