Tändstickspalatset (Matchstick Palace) - IWD 2019

I'm honored to be invited to show my latest art collection by the IWIB Network (International Woman in Business Network), Stockholm Chamber and Kapitel 8, on the occasion of the International Women´s Day. The exhibition took place in the beautiful and rich-in-history palace - Tändstickspalatset (Matchstick Palace) in Stockholm. 
Together we created a very special moment and a day to remember. 

Ewa Borin, Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger (Leader of IWIB Network), Yomi Abiola.


Anette Tånneryd, Yomi Abiola, Ewa Borin, Katarina Edvall   

 Elden 2 "The Fire no 2 Series" 

This video shows my second work in my Elden (The Fire) series. With this series I want to give the viewer energy and strength. I created it to be an eye catcher. Hanging the painting on a dark gray wall gives an exciting contrast. The Fire no 2 was one of three new oil paintings I showed at The Matchstick Palace. 

The Fire Series - Oil Painting

During the exhibition I was showing my latest collection - three oil paintings, one digital artwork and a number of drawings and aquarelles, like the one below; "Soelden". My own interpretation of the fantastic ski area Soelden in Austria. Brand new painting, painted in aquarelle. On the hillside you can observe the ski lift and the fine dining restaurant Ice Q. The architect behind this amazing building is Johann Obermoser from Innsbruck. Specter, the latest Bond film was recorded here, and this summer, 007 Elements was inaugurated, where one can follow how both Bond, with its soon 60-year film history and Specter took shape. ❄️❄️❄️
Framed in a white glazed oak frame. Shop Here!



Soelden 2019 

I cherry picked some motifs to pay tribute to the woman on this special occasion - IWD 2019. Fashion has always interested and inspired me and one of my favorite designers is Valentino Garavani. This special day I choose to add some fashion glamour, and I showed some fashion inspired drawings/aquarelles on this theme. 
Valentino Shoe

A tribute to Valentino Garavani! Drawing - aquarelle, markers, graphite

The Matchstick Palace (Tändstickspalatset) is a palace building on Västra Trädgårdsgatan in Stockholm, Sweden. It was commissioned by the "Match King" Ivar Kreuger, as the headquarters of Svenska Tändsticks AB (Swedish Match). It was designed by architect Ivar Tengbom and built by Kreuger & Toll Construction AB 1926-28.
The house was completed in November 1928, just under four years before the Kreuger crash. The Matchstick Palace symbolizes the rise and fall of the Kreuger Group. Today, the building functions as an exclusive office building.
The Matchstick Palace is a lavish construction in Swedish twenty-classicism created by Sweden's foremost designers, artists and craftsmen, such as Isaac Grünewald, Carl Milles, Carl Malmsten, Simon Gate and Elsa Gullberg. The building and parts of the preserved interior are blue graded by the City Museum in Stockholm, which means that the cultural-historical value of the buildings must not be distorted and by the City Museum it is considered to correspond to the requirements for the notable building in the Cultural Environment Act.


Thank You for attending and for making this day a day to remember! 

Thank You, Kapitel 8, for hosting us! 

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