2018 -2019 Art Noveau Palace - Strandvägen 7A

Strandvägen 7 is an Art Nouveau palace on Strandvägen in Stockholm, built in the years 1907-1911 after drawings by architect firm Hagström & Ekman. Constructors were Per Bocander and J. Eriksson.

Today, Strandvägen 7A is one of Stockholm's most exclusive office and conference facilities.

In the beautiful building at Strandvägen 7A you can see a selected collection of my art, both oil paintings and digital artworks. Are you interested in an art show? Please contact me for information.


The façade at Strandvägen 7 is abundantly decorated with balcony enclosed bay windows and period features and decorations inspired by nature. In front of the center house is a courtyard with an iron gate in art forging and the statue "Eko (Echo)" by Gustaf Lindberg from 1909.

Strandvägen 7C has hosted many embassies over the years, like the US Embassy and The War Refugee Board, which during the end of World War II worked to rescue European Jews from the Holocaust. In the summer of 1944, one was looking for someone in the neutral Sweden who could help with the rescue operations in Budapest. In the neighboring house on Strandvägen 7A, the trading company Meropa was run by the Hungarian businessman Kálmán Lauer. As a Jew he couldn't take on the assignment himself, but he recommended one of his employees, Raoul Wallenberg. He was appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a Legation Secretary and Humanitarian Attaché for Sweden and in July 1944 Raoul Wallenberg traveled to Budapest where he, with the help of Swedish protection passports, managed to save thousands of lives. Six months later, he was arrested and has since disappeared.

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