My Oil Paintings - A Selection

There are many dimensions to my artistry – everything from oil painting, graffiti and photography to digital art. My oil paintings are my pièces de résistance.

My oil paintings are large and have lots of colour and emotion. I favours a layer-on-layer technique using palette knives, brushes, fabric, my hands or whatever tool works best for the idea and the emotion I am trying to portray. Experimenting and mixing techniques is an important part of my creative process to achieve a 3D effect and a depth in my paintings. I gets inspiration from love, nature, the city, encounters, music, fashion and my frame of mind.

"Katrina" - Painted in oil 2010
Dimensions: 80 x 100 cm.
Owned by a private investor. 
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Project Playground
My oil painting, My Green Room, raised 60 000 SEK (approx. 7000 $) (March 18 2016) during a charity event. The auction was hosted by the non-profit organization Project Playground. I donated the painting to the organization and it feels great to know that My Green Room will contribute to the important work performed by the organization.
Project Playground is working towards increasing the possibilities in life, by creating a meaningful spare time with focus on the individual, for children and youth. As of today, Project Playground is active in townships outside of Cape Town, South Africa.
HRH Princess Sofia, at the time Sofia Hellqvist, and Frida Vesterberg founded Project Playground in 2010.
My Green Room has been represented in two different exhibitions during 2015.
Rammakarna have contributed with the beautiful white frame

"Elden" (The Fire) - Painted in oil 2010
Dimensions: 88 x 116 cm. 
This painting has been been published in an article 2015 (in a life style magazine, Magasinet Sturebadet) about me and my entrepreneurship.
Owned by an art collector.
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"Space Flower" Painted in oil 2014-2015
Blue harmony, blue dimension, blue love, blue life – True Blue!
Dimensions: 88 x 116 cm
This painting has been represented in three different exhibitions in Sweden and been published in an article (in a life style magazine, Magasinet Sturebadet) about me and my entrepreneurship. There is a tear in the canvas due to my sharp palette knives. The tear is a part of the artwork which also is written on the back of the painting/canvas. 
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"The Source of Life" – Painted in oil 2010
Dimensions: 89 x 116 cm.
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 "My Luminosity" - Painted in oil 2011
Pure energy, nothing else!
Dimensions: 89 x 116 cm
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