Cherry Blossom Originals - Limited Signed Edition

In Japanese aesthetics flowers get us to observe our surroundings, but they also make us think about the very essence of life. The different stages of the blossoming process remind us how transitory life is – a mindset that in Japanese is often called mono no aware. The blossoming of the cherry tree is celebrated in the Japanese Hamani festival.

A flowering cherry tree symbolizes spring, happiness, love and life's short-lived beauty!

Here you have the opportunity to choose your favorite motive or choosing several to achieve a grand visuel effect.

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Drawings: Passion for Fashion

A warm welcome to my drawings and aquarelles section!

Fashion has always been a strong inspirational force to me and here I will add drawings and aquarelles on this theme. 

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Through these paintings I want to evoke a modern retro feeling that takes us back to the Flower Power era, but with a futuristic touch. My initial inspiration came from a series of photos I took of blossoming cherry trees in Kungsträdgården park in Stockholm this spring. The works then grew digitally as I worked with various types of software to create what you see today. I see the paintings as eye catchers to hang over a couch or a bed, or in an office. They will speak to the observer and intensify the feeling of harmony in most milieus. 

The FLOWERS of 68 creations are printed on premium paper. I have used acid-free watercolour paper for fine art made of 100 percent cotton with a soft matt surface. The surface of the paper helps to preserve the colours and the depth in the digital images.

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My Oil Paintings

What technique do I use? 

- I prefer painting in oils, often in a rather large format. I use spatulas, brushes,  sheeting, fingers or some other tool when I paint. I like strong colours and expression. I also like things clean and simple – for example, just working in black and progressively allowing the picture to emerge from the black.

Here I show a small, exclusive selection. You are welcome!   

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