The dark November was lit up with a with a sparkling event and exhibition. I was delighted to display my art and my new serie Organic Flows in such a beautiful context; Reijmyre showroom Stockholm. 

Lina Mark, Reijmyre, Viktor Söderberg ägare Reijmyre, Ewa Borin Artist

Lina Mark Reijmyre, Viktor Söderberg owner Reijmyre, Ewa Borin Artist

The colors and shapes in the glass and art matched perfectly.

Ewa Borin; Oil Painting

Organic Flows Series - Oil painting on linen; Reijmyre Glassware 

I spend as much time as I can in nature. Nature contributes to recovery and balance. Thoughts clear. To walk along a long beach, to smell the sea, of seaweed, to see the drama and strength of the sea during winter. Walking in a deep forest, feeling the soft moss, the smell of pine needles, of resin.
Nature's elements, impressions and colors are transferred to the canvas.

Ewa Borin; Oil painting

Organic Flows Series, Oil painting on linen; Reijmyre Glassware; Design: Thomas Sandell 

Reijmyre glassworks dates back to 1810, when it was founded in 1810 by Johan Jacob Graver and Baron Mattias Alexander von Ungern-Sternberg. Reijmyre is one of Sweden's oldest still running glassworks. It´s particularly known for genuine craftsmanship and style-conscious design, both in clear and coloured crystal glass. At Reijmyre, everything is made entirely by hand. Reijmyre is perhaps mainly characterized by characteristic glass design, combined with form and function in fantastic colors, especially red, green and blue.

Amanda G Stöckel ; Sommelier

Amanda G Stöckel 

During the evening, a wonderful wine and chocolate tasting was offered. Under the guidance of the cool and knowledgeable wine writer Amanda G Stöckel, selected wines and fantastically tasty pralines from Cecilia Nordström chocolates were paired in a perfect match. The beautiful pralines are like small works of art in themselves. Everything was served in and on beautiful glassware from Reijmyre.

Cecilia Nordström chocolates ; Reijmyre glassware ; glas ; glaskonst

Cecilia Nordström Chocolates; Reijmyre glassware

Ida Jensen Krogstad & Cecilia Nordström ; Cecilia Nordström choklad

Ida Jensen Krogstad & Cecilia Nordström 

Laura Leal; Ewa Borin ; exhibition; event

Laura Leal & Ewa Borin 

Anita Jonsson; utställning; event

Anita Jonsson 

Reijmyre ; Thomas Sandell

 Glassware: Reijmyre, Designer: Thomas Sandell 

Thank you to all of you who visited us and made the evening shimmering and amazing!!
Thanks to 
Reijmyre , Amanda G Stöckel and Cecilia Nordström Chocolates for a wonderful collaboration!