2016 - A Summary.

Last spring, I showed a sample of my art during a few intense and exciting days on Edsvik art gallery http://www.edsvik.com. There were many fruitful discussions with visitors from different countries. I love to get feedback on what I do and the discussions was about the techniques I use, and what the viewer experienced and felt. 

I'm excited about my cooperation with Project Playground. HRH Princess Sofia, at the time Sofia Hellqvist, and Frida Vesterberg founded Project Playground in 2010.

Project Playground is working towards increasing the possibilities in life, by creating a meaningful spare time with focus on the individual, for children and youth. As of today, Project Playground is active in townships outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

I donated my oil painting, My Green Room to the organization and it feels great to contribute to their important work. I´m happy to tell you that it raised 60 000 SEK (approx. 7 000 $) during a charity auction hosted by the organization. My Green Room has been represented in two different exhibitions during 2015. 

During the summer we were invited to London to see the Wimbledon semi finals. We enjoyed being in this lovely city that has so much to offer when it comes to culture, great cuisine and stunning architecture. The visit at the newly opened Tate Modern was a memorable experience. I´m happy that our visit coinciding with the fantastic Georgia o´Keeffe exhibition.


My “baby”, 10-Minute Baby à la Carte can be downloaded from AppStore and Google Play. https://ewaborin.com/pages/10-minute-baby-a-la-carte I have been producing new materiel that will enter the app during 2017. The app's functionality and usability will be improved. I made contact with a venture capital organization. This work will continue. I am convinced that partnering with, for example, an organization in the media industry would provide synergies and increased market share. I see several opportunities for further development, particularly in e-commerce.

I have started to work with some companies when it comes to office decor. I´m pleased to see my prints in their beautiful office space. 

During 2016 I have entering a new consulting assignment. I work as a regional manager in a cleaning company. Main areas: Sales Manager, processing new target groups and markets, Human Resources. Brand building and development, implementing new environmentally-friendly cleaning methods.

2017 already offers many exciting events to attend. In May, I will participate and showing my art in Tokyo International Art fair. Next year, I will for the first time visit Australia together with my family. I´m thrilled about it! 

I will continue my charity work in different ways and with different organizations and I´m pleased that my art and work can contribute to helping others.

I love spending time with my family and friends. They are my life and love and what I value the most. They are my great source of inspiration and joy. 

Thank you for reading and following my work! I wish you a FANTASTIC 2017! 

Happy New Year!


Ewa Borin