Artist Ewa Borin is releasing her digital series, FLOWERS of 68, in two versions. FLOWERS of 68 is the follow-up to the digital paintings called SMOKE which the artist presented in September. FLOWERS of 68 and Ewa’s oil paintings are available to view and buy in the online gallery at where it is also possible to book a viewing.

Artist Ewa Borin has found her niche through working in oils and digitally. She is triggered by the dynamic aspects as well as the difference between these two techniques. Ewa has many years of experience with oil painting, but her love of the medium and a great desire for experimentation has led her to work digitally as well. Today she is releasing her latest digital creations, FLOWERS of 68. Two versions of the works will be released, B&W and Multi Colours. They are signed and in a limited edition of ten of each version.
“Through these paintings I want to evoke a modern retro feeling that takes us back to the Flower Power era, but with a futuristic touch. My initial inspiration came from a series of photos I took of blossoming cherry trees in Kungsträdgården park in Stockholm this spring. The works then grew digitally as I worked with various types of software to create what you see today. I see the paintings as eye catchers to hang over a couch or a bed, or in an office. They will speak to the observer and intensify the feeling of harmony in most milieus,” says Ewa Borin.

The FLOWERS of 68 creations are printed on premium paper. Ewa has used acid-free watercolour paper for fine art made of 100 percent cotton with a soft matt surface. The surface of the paper helps to preserve the colours and the depth in the digital images.

Ewa often paints large colour-saturated oil paintings, but she likes to experiment and include other techniques as well. She has, for example, worked with watercolours to create a playful series as a naive interpretation of graffiti. The FLOWERS of 68 paintings are available for sale in the online gallery at where it is possible to book a studio visit and a viewing of the paintings in Stockholm. A selection of Ewa Borin’s oil paintings as well as her SMOKE digital works can be viewed at Strandvägen 7A.

For more information, images and interview requests, contact:
Marit Woody, press contact for Ewa Borin
Tel: +46 (0)70 739 86 06


B&W – signed, limited edition 1–10
Size: 70 x 100 cm. Price: SEK 10,000


Multi Colours – signed, limited edition 1–10
Size: 70 x 100 cm. Price: SEK 10,000


About Ewa Borin
Artist and entrepreneur Ewa Borin is now focusing on her art after many years of working as a CEO, project manager and sales manager for large corporations.

She has exhibited her oil paintings in venues such as the Tokyo International Art Fair and the Art Fair at Edsvik Konsthall. She has also participated in “Our Valentine” at So Stockholm Gallery. In 2016 she donated one of her oil paintings, My Green Room, to Project Playground, raising SEK 60,000 for the organisation at a charity auction.

Ewa Borin is currently running her art business as well as her app company, 10-Minute Baby à la Carte.