Time for yourself at the hair salon!

Being a parent is fantastic – a whole new life, a whole new world waiting to be discovered...

For me, being a parent means lots of things ... words like love, closeness, tenderness, happiness, mischief, pride, commitment, responsibility, all come to mind.

Being a parent for me also means setting aside things that are not a priority, or at least doing certain things less often – things that I more or less took for granted in the past. Deciding during the day to see a film the same evening is no longer something I can take for granted. :)

I don’t miss those days but, on the other hand, I do think parents need to take time out for themselves sometimes. I believe, or know, that I at least can be a better parent if I have space for my own activities – with my husband, with a friend or just on my own.

For me it’s about the small but important things. For example, having the opportunity to go out for dinner with my sweetheart – just the two of us, working out, going to the hair salon to be pampered and get a great haircut, which I was able to do just the other day.

Just sitting in the chair at the salon, browsing through a magazine and sipping a cappuccino while knowing that when I leave I’ll feel renewed and re-energized – that means a lot!

Spending time with my family gives me loads of energy and brings happiness and harmony. Being able to take care of myself as well is the icing on the cake!

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