I light a sparkler - Welcome 2021 ❤️

I light a sparkler and hope that we all have a year full of love, good health and friendship ahead of us.
A friend of mine sent me this significant New Year's greeting that I intend to carry with me during the year that has just begun:
Today is the first blank page of 365 pages book.
- Be sure to write a good one 🙌🏻

I light a sparkle

In 2021, I will prioritize digital presence both in terms of my art and much more. Unfortunately, I think we will be dragged with Covid-19 for a while so it is just as good to choose another path ...
I light a sparkler
In 2021, I will offer art exhibitions in a slightly smaller format than I usually do (before Covid-19). Those interested in booking a tour are welcome to contact me here: CONTACT
During a small art show, a maximum of 2 people may stay in the room at the same time, mandatory use of mouth protection. The showroom is quite large, which makes it easy to keep your distance.I light a sparkle
During the year, I will launch some new oil paintings, some watercolor paintings and some works that were completed at the end of 2020.
I have started a completely new series in oil, in a large format that I very much hope for. Both the motif and the technology are new to me.

When it comes to limited and signed print series, I also hope to have time to produce a number of new ones. These series will in that case be a maximum of 5 - 10 / series. 
Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Facebook (Ewa Borin Gallery) or Twitter. There I post news about my art (current exhibitions, new art releases) and other things that I hope inspire you.
My dream is that when the world has returned to normal, and we dare to socialize without panic and anxiety, give an exhibition in Paris. I look forward to renting a big car, filling it with selected, beautiful art and driving south ...
Paris Je t´aime

À bientôt!