Highlights 2017 - Happy New Year 2018!!!

This year has been a good year in many ways.

I have taken part in art exhibitions and art fairs, both in Sweden and internationally (Tokyo Internationally Art Fair). Read the catalogue here: 


In 2018, I will continue to show my art when the right opportunity arises.

During the year I have created new art, both oil paintings and digital art in very limited editions, like the SMOKE series and the FLOWER of 68 series.

The SMOKE series will be issued in a limited edition, signed and in plexiglas, Black and White (1–5) and Purple (1–5).


SMOKE Purple 70 x 100 cm                                

SMOKE B&W 70 x 100 cm


When I create digitally I always try to make sure the painting will have the same illuminated feel as the image that appears on the screen. It’s a time-consuming creation process in which I experiment with different software to exceed my vision. In the SMOKE series, I chose to ‘lock’ the paintings in plexiglas in order to leave the options open for different types of framing solutions. Plexiglas heightens the luminosity of the work.

Through FLOWER of 68 series I want to evoke a modern retro feeling that takes us back to the Flower Power era, but with a futuristic touch. My initial inspiration came from a series of photos I took of blossoming cherry trees in Kungsträdgården park in Stockholm this spring. The works then grew digitally as I worked with various types of software to create what you see today. I see the paintings as eye catchers to hang over a couch or a bed, or in an office. They will speak to the observer and intensify the feeling of harmony in most milieus. The FLOWERS of 68 paintings are available for sale in my online gallery at ewaborin.com where it is possible to book a studio visit and a viewing of the paintings in Stockholm. A selection of my oil paintings as well as the SMOKE digital works can be viewed at Strandvägen 7A.

 FLOWER of 68 Multi serie 70 x 100 cm

 FLOWER of 68 B&W serie 70 x 100 cm

BUY THE FLOWER of 68 series!

During the year I have been featured in a number of lifestyle magazines that wrote about my art and my entrepreneurship.

My other business (baby ;) ) – the baby food app 10-Minute Baby à la Carte is developing in the right direction. I have entered a new cooperation with a high skilled developer which means that the app will get a total make-over. This is an ongoing process and the new version is out in mid-January 2018.

In the new version, it will be possible for partners and sponsors to join the app. I´m looking forward to offer both my users as well as my future sponsors a new and improved app with better user friendliness and improved design.


During the year, I and my family have discovered Portugal and we look forward to getting to know the country better. Our impression so far is that we have met many nice people, have enjoyed good food and seen several beautiful beaches, nature and cities.


I love spending time with my family. They are my life and love and what I value the most. Every day they give me tons of inspiration!

I wish you a FANTASTIC 2018!!!

Happy New Year!

//Ewa Borin, Artist and Entrepreneur