Social Entrepreneurship

I'm Ewa. I´m a Swedish artist and entrepreneur. I like to express myself in various techniques like painting, photo, digital, mixed. I also like to engage in different subjects important to our society. One such thing is giving our children a healthy food start right from scratch. That´s why I founded the app 10-Minute Baby à la Carte. Now available on a global market. The next step is to partnering with a strong organization sharing the same foundational values as I do and continue improving the app. I can see many interesting areas for development. 

Welcome to read the interview in Doers Magazine where I talk about why I´m doing this, my goals and ambitions and share a few tips on entrepreneurship. Doers Magazine is a Swedish magazine filled with stories about how companies are created as well as how ideas have been realized.

I also looking forward taking part in the big charity auction in March next year. I have donated my big oil painting "My Green Room" to the non profit organization Project Playground  The painting can be seen on this site: My Green Room

Princess Sofia, at the time Sofia Hellqvist, and Frida Vesterberg founded project Playground in 2010. Sofia and Frida where joined together by the idea of an organization that makes a difference, for real. They both travelled to several countries in Africa, including South Africa, Ghana and Senegal, where they visited and participated in non-profit work with different organizations and projects. During their travels they noticed and were surprised by the fact that a lot of the organizations often lacked focus on the individual as well as a holistic perspective surrounding the child and its needs. They saw that focus was on costs and obstacles instead of on possibilities and potential. When Sofia and Frida met in 2009, they both wanted to start an organization that put the child first and with a locally based operation tinged with quality over quantity, which led to the founding of Project Playground.